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A Passage to India - E.M. Forster, Pankaj Mishra, Oliver Stallybrass I locked myself up in my room to read this today, not because I was particularly eager to, but rather because I had to. Yup, summer reading is a bitch. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this one. It was startlingly readable and quick, keeping my attention easily. One of my few drawbacks to it, however, is that is explores the relationship between the English and a Muslim doctor in India. I've found that the Muslim and Hindu population in India is certainly equal, but I also think Forster perhaps simplified this novel by choosing a Muslim protagonist. Fielding, the English man in this novel, and many of his acquaintances are either fascinated by the Hindu religion with its multiple Gods or dismissive of it. Fielding doesn't have this issue crop up with his friendship with Dr. Aziz as he isn't a Hindu, but I'd have liked to see how this story changed with a different protagonist. Moreover, I find that most people regard India as a country with Hindus, particularly because of Gandhi's involvement in the country's history, so I feel strangely cheated to see so few major Hindu characters in this novel. It isn't unrealistic, but I feel the dynamic shift would have been one to note.