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Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels, #4.5) - Ilona Andrews I'll admit it: I was not a huge fan of Jim or Dali before Magic Dreams. I thought they were both interesting and endearing characters in their own right and while I sensed chemistry between them, I wasn't too bothered with them as a couple. After all, with Kate and Curran taking center stage, how could your thoughts stray to anyone who wasn't the Beast Lord and his Consort? ;) With Magic Dreams, however, Ilona Andrews gives us an opportunity to see a couple that is completely different to both Kate and Curran or Andrea and Raphael and I loved Dali and Jim all the more for their unique-ness. While both Kate and Andrea tend to be kick-ass heroines, fighting their way out of tough situations and only complementing the supreme prowess of their partners, Dali's strength lies in her intelligence. After all, she is a half-blind white tiger. Thus, her vulnerability is instantly palpable, making her an endearing character that simply continues to grow on you as the novella wears on. With Magic Dreams, it is up to Dali and her strong magical abilities to save the day - or more accurately, Jim, the jaguar alpha of her pack who she's in love with. Magic Dreams had its fair share of action, along with a healthy dose of Indonesian mythology thrown in, but what made it the best of all the Kate Daniels novellas for me was simply Dali and Jim. Firstly, their relationship is so different from that of any other Ilona Andrews romance, which I adored, and their conversations kept me grinning like a fool. Plus, it's always fun when mothers decide to butt into their daughter's love lives and I loved seeing Dali's mother play such an amusing role in this one. Jim, too, is such a different type of hero; equally as attractive as Curran and Raphael, but perhaps less obvious about his feelings. It was this unlikely romance that utterly won me over, as well as the manner in which Jim tried to convince Dali that she was perfect, exactly the way she was, with or without beauty and fighting prowess. It's nice to know that nerdy girls can get the crazy hot guys too! ;) If nothing else, Magic Dreams has made me want the untitled, unplanned, and oh-so-far-away novel all about Jim and Dali - why can't it just release now? I'm convinced I'll never get tired of Ilona Andrews and I can only hope that they never get tired of making money, because their books to me are like chocolate for desert; rare, deserved, and incredibly worth the wait.