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Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas Rating: 3.5 StarsObjectively speaking, the Wallflowers Series isn't really lacking in anything. Not only are the romances thoughtful and well-written, but the love scenes are erotic enough to be tasteful without resorting to cheesy cliches. For the most part. And yet, I simply am not feeling this series - not the way I felt the Hathaways. While the Hathaways were deep and provocative and endearing, this series manages to simply be a time-pass - and a way to increase my book count. Devil in Winter is supposed to be the best of this lot - and it is quite good - but I doubt I'll be continuing with this series. Kleypas has written so much that I'm confident I'll find something else of hers to love. With Devil in Winter, we are introduced to the classic case of a marriage of convenience. Evie is rich but contained in a controlling environment by relatives who are cruel and St. Vincent, though a notorious rake and villain, is desperate for money. With Sebastian's protection, Evie can escape her relatives and care for her father as she wishes and, as such, the two are married and their wedding consummated quickly. St. Vincent - of course - is besotted with Evie after one night, despite the fact that she refuses to sleep with him again for fear of losing her heart to him (smart girl). Unknown to either of them, though, is the fact that they may lose their hearts even without any physical intimacy to ignite the embers.. I really, really, really enjoyed Devil in Winter until a tiresome plot device of the classic wounded hero came into play. I am not one for love that is born of the inevitability of death. "I almost died but all I could think about was the sudden revelation that I LUUURVE you!" Um, no. I am tired of this. I really want to see couples realize they love each other without unnecessary drama thrown in. Yet, despite this downfall that ruined the last third of the novel for me, I did really enjoy the initial interactions between St. Vincent and Evie, particularly Evie's strong will that held out against her husband. Although she seems to be the weakest of the wallflowers, her inner strength comes to light in this installment, which I loved. I was also pleasantly surprised by the development of Sebastian and Evie's relationship - until it was ruined by a trope, but that is my personal qualm. All-in-all, this was a short and engaging ready that will have you fanning yourself as you flip the pages. As far as Kleypas goes, however, I've read better.