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Doubleblind - Ann Aguirre It probably comes as a surprise that prior to picking up this novel, I was very nearly finished with this series. Wanderlust was a sorry companion to the kick-ass series that Grimspace promised and I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to continue - especially when the path ahead seemed to be littered with angst, drama, and unnecessary situations. Thankfully, though, I took a gamble on Doublebind and am so glad I did. Unsurprisingly, this installment will not be a favorite among all readers, mostly because it revolves around space politics - which, I know, seems like a snooze, but believe me, it really isn't. If anything, this is the best of the series so far and I can only hope the future installments continue this level of excellence. One of the best aspects of this novel is the growth that Sirantha both exhibits and undergoes. Gone is the carefree girl she once may have been and gone is also the insecure girl we've known. Sirantha is still very much chock-full of her flaws and doubts, but she has learned to steel herself to the world. Now, truly, she is pushed and tested to the limits, both diplomatically and personally. In prior novels, we've seen Jax break down and seek comfort from March, who has always been her rock solid wall. Now, however, March is no longer there for her, suffering from his own inner demons and struggling to find his humanity again. Seeing Jax pull up her socks to save both herself, her mission, and her man was a huge turn-around for her - and a hurdle that was necessary, though difficult, to cross. Doublebind exposes a far more delicate and vulnerable relationship between Jax and March than we've seen before, but it is still just as strong, just as durable, and just as lovely. And yet, the true show-stealers of this novel are the secondary characters, particularly Vel. Traveling to Vel's home planet, we slowly uncover more and more of Vel's past and come to see him as more than merely Jax's best friend, but as a character in his own right. Vel has endured far more than we could ever imagine and, surely, he has risen to becoming one of my favorite characters in this series, notwithstanding March. Dina and Hit, too, become more fully realized in this novel and as a whole, this group has become one of my favorites. Their loyalty, support for one another, and range of emotions is widespread and real. Aguirre manages to draw you into the lives of her characters, though they're in a distant planet in space. Truly, if that isn't the best you can ask for from a book then I don't know what is.