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Hi, I'm Keertana! I am a blogger, student, avid lover of chocolate, and most importantly, a reader. You can follow me for regular reviews, discussion posts, and author interviews on my blog, http://ivybookbindings.blogspot.com. For now, I'm still fairly active on GoodReads, but I can't wait to join the BookLikes community! :)

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And One Last Thing ... - Molly Harper Rating: 3.5 StarsNot Molly Harper's best, but this was absolutely hilarious and hit all the right notes for a perfect summer romance. Harper's narrative voice is always so easy to fall into and her humor, combined with the realistic journey of growth she takes her protagonists on, makes this an utterly worthwhile read. I also just love these scruffy, manly men that wind up being the love interests of our tales. Hit me up with a neighbor that looks like Hugh Jackman, please! ;)