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Snakecharm - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes After Hawksong, I was immediately filled with a desire to know more about Zane, Danica, and their tumultuous world. Thankfully, I had Snakecharm on hand and began it almost at once. Yet, this sequel leaves much to be desired. While Danica is expecting a child, which puts both herself and Zane in the difficult situation of figuring out how to rear their heir, the haughty falcons have come into their world to search for missing falcons who have hidden among Danica's warriors. Although these two plot threads converged rather cleverly, Snakecharm as a whole never felt as cohesive as Hawksong. It had a heavy focus both on politics as well as character, but neither was given the depth it needed. Atwater-Rhodes, quite simply put, writes her books too short. For epic fantasy, a certain degree of length needs to be persistent in order to convey the scope of the novel that is being told. While these books are excellent, especially for those wary of thicker and heavier fantasy novels, I feel as a series this may leave many readers disappointed. I, for one, will not be continuing, simply because the next three novels are connected and though Falcondance had received strong reviews, the last two books have not. I'd rather leave this series on a good note. Nevertheless, I cannot recommend Hawksong enough. It works brilliantly as a stand-alone and is likely to become a favorite of many.