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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Rating: DNFIn all honesty, I did not expect to like this book. The Opportunist, however, is a book that has been recommended to me by a numerous amount of my friends; it was practically thrust into my hands and after the last novel in this trilogy released, The Thief, I knew I had no more excuses to put this one off. And, by that point, I didn't want to. Almost all the reviews for this novel and its trilogy were positive, so I began the novel with a curious sensation of anticipation and apprehension. It just goes to show that your first instinct is always right. You've been told never to change your answer on a test, but I'm telling you now: never add a book you think you're going to dislike. Chances are, you know yourself better than your friends, no matter how kindly their recommendations come your way.Quite simply put, The Opportunist is everything I thought it would be from the moment I first read its synopsis. Drama. New Adult Romance. Mix them together in a pot, add memory loss and a vengeful girlfriend and pining ex-girlfriend and a too-hot-to-handle male and this is what you get. It bears repeating, so I will: DRAMA. Now, if you're like me, you've probably already got your running shoes strapped on at the sight of that word. Me + Drama = Disaster. Seriously, my eyes hurt after every chapter because of how much eye-rolling was going on, both intentional and unintentional reflex. While the idea for The Opportunist is interesting and engaging enough, unless you're ready to sit in for three books of drama surrounding a love story, this is likely not your cup of tea. Furthermore, Caleb and Olivia meet present-day with Caleb having lost his memory, so with Olivia's narration we slowly uncover their past. And boy, is it cliche or what? Just think of every romance you've read - especially New Adult romance - and this plays out exactly the same. Honestly, the whole girl-who-isn't-interested-but-then-falls-in-love trope has been done too often. It's lost its charm. Moreover, I simply didn't like Olivia or Caleb, let alone Leah. First off, when we first see Olivia she's practically stalking Caleb, trying to figure out how to get him to notice her despite the fact that they've broken up, she's been to counseling after their break-up, and he has a new girlfriend. Not a promising start. Later, when she declines a walk to her car in favor of stalking/meeting/seeing Caleb, she realizes she declined an offer from a rapist and is so grateful Caleb was there to distract her from a walk to her car. Now, this seems like a small thing to nit-pick at, but it reveals a lot about both Olivia as a character and the style of writing. Not only is Olivia the type of female character who places accolades upon her crush, raising him to elevated standards he has, in no way, been shown to deserve, but her narration is also that of a lovesick puppy. Ew. Blah. No. Essentially, this book just isn't for me. I'm not surprised that it has so many fans - after all, it is fast-paced and engaging, which makes for an entertaining read - but contemporary isn't my genre of preference and romance isn't my go-to either. (Plus, after NAME OF THE WIND how could anything else compare? It isn't wholly the fault of this book...really.)