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Rosemary and Rue - Seanan McGuire Rosemary and Rue is a promising start to what I can already see shaping up to be one of my favorite UF Series. From the beginning itself, McGuire's novel starts out differently from most other UF Series - with our protagonist being turned into a fish for fourteen years. Thus, when the book really kicks off, Toby Daye, our changeling heroine in question, is determined to avoid her past as a faerie knight and PI. What I really love about this set-up is that it allows us, the reader, to be newly introduced into this world all while assimilating right in the middle of Toby's life. McGuire writes superbly, imbibing her characters with depth and covering the back story - full of well-crafted world-building - perfectly too. I was particularly surprised, however, by how quickly I came to enjoy Toby's narration. Usually, it takes me awhile to warm up to a new UF narrator, but with Toby, I seemed to merely fall into the story. Not only is she kick-ass - as you'd expect - but her vulnerability bleeds through as well, making her sharp feelings and conflicted emotions deeply felt. Moreover, her interactions with the secondary characters are filled with a past - which I always love - and has made me eager to see how these friendships - and not-so-friendly-relationships - develop in the future. If there are any true downfalls with this installment, it is that the middle lags - considerably. Rosemary and Rue is slow, as can be expected from Grant, but it does knock off the pace of the story until it finally picks up by the end. Nevertheless, this first edition to the October Daye Series leaves readers thirsting for more, both of Toby and her world. And, really, what more can an avid UF lover ask for?