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The God of Small Things - Arundhati Roy Ironically enough, the fact that I'm an Indian - half-Malayali, actually, which means I know the state this book takes place in, Kerala, very well - that prevented me from loving it. First and foremost, it should be noted that this book is SLOW. I wasn't able to get into it until the last quarter, probably because I was reading this for school and taking notes, but nevertheless, THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS isn't all that gripping. Roy is a talented author, there's no doubt about that, and looking back, I can really appreciate what she's done here. Every character is carefully revealed, layer by layer, until we see what makes them tick, what makes the events in this novel take shape and converge in the horrible conclusion they find. And yet, for all that, I wasn't shocked. I'm an Indian. I've grown up with the caste system. I know about Untouchables. I knew the fate of the characters in this book from their stations in life itself. Thus, I can't say this book resonated with me. It's the sad truth of the past of my country and I didn't particularly want to be reminded of it. Ultimately, some books just strike too close for comfort. I certainly admire and appreciate what this novel does and tells, but I can't say I enjoyed it or like it very much.